Inability to Accept Differing Opinions

So the last couple of days on Twitter and Facebook I’ve noticed more and more something that bothers me. As a whole, people can’t seem to wrap their heads around the idea that everyone has their own opinions, and there will always be people who have different ones than you.

We all know the type of person who cannot and will not accept anyone ever having a different opinion than them. They’re the type of person that belittles you, and does everything in their power to make you feel so wrong about your own opinion just because it’s not the same as theirs. With the mass popularity of social media, as well as everyone’s obsession with pop culture, this inability to accept that not everyone has the same opinion has gotten even worse. Way worse.

If you are engulfed in pop culture like myself, you will easily be able to agree with me that it’s gotten worse. If you’re deeply involved in the fanbase of a celebrity, you will also most likely know the problem has gotten ridiculous. The concept of someone not liking something you like has somehow become unacceptable with the influx of social media usage. Just like with the idea of cyber-bullying, I personally think that as a whole people have become desensitized. Common sense, especially on the internet, has become increasingly uncommon in more ways than one.

Since I’m talking about pop culture at this time, I’ll use a pop culture type of example; music taste. Music taste is one of the biggest ones. People cannot seem to comprehend that no matter how popular a band/singer you like is, or how good you might think they are, not everyone will like them. It’s common sense. There is nothing that everyone likes. You will always come across someone with different tastes and may not like them at all. That doesn’t mean you should belittle them, trash them, and call them idiots for liking who they do. Same goes for the other person. You can easily say nah I don’t think they’re that great, or I don’t think they’re that talented so I don’t listen to them, and just leave it at that.

Another great example is anything political, especially when you’re discussing it over the internet. It’s almost like talking to a brick wall half the time, because no one seems to ever accept that you can’t force everyone you talk to to have the same opinion on topics as you. Yet people will keep on keeping on to the point where it goes from a debate or disagreement to a full on internet (and even in person as well) fight.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems the more time people spend on the internet, the less common sense they have. Granted, not everyone is the same. As a generalization though, that seems to be the case, and it kind of worries me when I see people (not just kids, adults too) get their panties in a twist over a simple disagreement on a topic. One of the many reasons I’m extremely cynical when it comes to the future of society.

One thought on “Inability to Accept Differing Opinions

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